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As dairy farms expand, owners and managers have to rely more on people to get things done at the dairy. However, even though many are excellent cow managers in some cases some of them may struggle when it comes to managing people.

At APN Consulting, we believe that the large herd manager’s success will depend on getting things done through others. It is crucial for managers to become excellent communicators and leaders of well trained, talented, and skilled employees.

firefoxFelix Soriano, President and founder of APN Consulting, has more than 10 years of experience working with dairy producers and has dedicated his career to developing tools and programs to improve dairy performance and profitability.

• Felix has a Master of Science degree from Virginia Tech and received an Agricultural Labor Management Certificate from the University of California.

• Born and raised in Argentina, Felix can relate and communicate very well with Hispanic employees helping bridge the communication and cultural gap between workers and managers

• While working as a manager for a feed additive company, Felix had the opportunity of building his own team, which helped him develop his leadership and supervisory skills. Felix is now sharing his supervisory and management experience with many dairy producers in the United States.

The benefits that dairy producers have seen by using our program are:

• Improved employee performance and productivity
• Reduced employee turnover
• Improved labor efficiency
• Reduced workload for the herd manager and owner
• Improved herd performance and health
• Improved profitability

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