• Tip - Improve parlor efficiency: Parlor efficiency is an area I focus a lot on when working with dairy producers around the country. Many times I find that employees working in the parlor don't understand the concept of working efficiently and thus they feel that running, attaching units very fast, and rushing the cows into the holding area and parlor is the only way to get to milk all the cows in time. This is why I came up with this list of 10 tips of how milkers can be more efficient in the parlor. I wrote these tips both in English and Spanish, feel free to share this with your employees! Read the article.

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"The first step in acquiring wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth is teaching others"

- Solomon Ibn Gabriol


Improve parlor efficiency

APN ConsultingParlor efficiency tips
1. It's very important for milkers to find the right balance
between milking speed and quality.

2. Cows need to spend the least amount of time possible in the
holding area and more time resting in their stall.

3. For every extra hour that cows spend resting in their stalls,
they will produce at least 3 more pounds of milk.

4. Teamwork is very important to achieve a very efficient system.

5. Consistency is also key. This means:
a. Milking every group ALWAYS at the same time in each
shift, every day.
b. ALWAYS follow the same milking routine. Every shift,
every day, and every worker.

6. Let your manager know if there's a very slow milking cow, or
a cow that kicks a lot, or a lame cow.

7. Report immediately any problem with milking equipment, or
with cows, or anything else that may affect your work

8. Working fast doesn't mean you need to run, Read more


Eficiencia en el ordeñe es bueno para las vacas

1. Es muy importante el balance entre velocidad y calidad en el

2. Hay que tratar de que las vacas estén menos tiempo en el
ordeñe y mas tiempo descansando en sus camas.

3. Por cada hora mas que las vacas descansen ellas producen al
menos 2 litros mas de leche por día.

4. Para esto el trabajo en equipo es muy importante.

5. La consistencia en el trabajo es también muy importante para
las vacas. Esto quiere decir:
a. Ordeñar cada grupo SIEMPRE a la misma hora en cada
turno, cada día.
b. Hacer SIEMPRE la misma rutina de ordeñe, cada turno,
cada día, y cada trabajador.

6. Avisar si hay alguna vaca que es muy lenta en ordeñarse, o si
hay alguna vaca que patea mucho, o si hay alguna vaca que

7. Reporten en seguida cualquier problema con alguna maquina, o
vaca, o cualquier otra cosa que les este haciendo su trabajo
mas lento o difícil.

8. Trabajar mas rápido no quiere decir estar corriendo, leer más


Felix Soriano
Felix Soriano, MS, PAS