Having written protocols and employee manuals are a key part of good labor management practices. Furthermore, having these written in both English and Spanish (for Spanish speaking employees) is crucial for good communication and understanding of farm rules, policies, job descriptions, and performance expectations.

This is why at APN Consulting, LLC we develop customized protocols, employee manuals, job descriptions, SOPís, and other important tools and materials in both Spanish and English.

For more information contact Felix Soriano.

Milking procedure SOP in spanish
Customized organizational charts
After milking setup
Milk quality bonus program in spanish
Feeding protocol example in spanish
Milking setup example in spanish
Milking procedure example - Spanish - English
Cow pusher SOP - Spanish
Milking routine - Spanish
Rules during milking
Milking routine example 2
Milkers Checklist
Newborn Calf Steps (spanish)
Reminders Newborn Calf (spanish)
Washing calf bottles / Lavado de cubetas y utensillos becerras(spanish)