Nutrition Services

At APN Consulting, LLC we specialize in dairy nutrition and labor management. We believe that the success of any feeding / nutrition program will depend on the skills and performance of the employees and management at the farm. This is why we focus on not just the nutritional aspects like diet formulation but also on team work, communication, training, and coaching of feeders, managers, and other employees at the farm.

As an independent consultant, Felix Soriano focuses on maximizing milk production, components and feed efficiency. At the same time it is important to maintain rumen and herd health to optimize profitability.

Our nutrition services include:

• Ration formulation
• Feeding management evaluation
• Mixing and feeding audits
• Monitoring body condition, TMR uniformity, manure consistency
• Training and coaching feeders (Spanish or English)
• Dairy records evaluation

See attached power point presentations and articles for a brief review or contact Felix Soriano for more information.

Controling feed cost begins at home. Presented at a recent meeting in Mexico (Spanish)
Increasing the nutritionist's chance of success. Working along with the employees at the farm. Presented at a recent meeting in Pennsylvania.

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